Kevin Penny assists the Martin 16s sailboat course only through his breath. This is indeed amazing as he does it so perfectly. Penny met with an accident while he was bicycling as a teenager and lost all the strength in his legs and arms. He is now puffing into a tiny tube fixed to machine which lets him steer the long boat that measures 5 meters. It is a great feeling for Penny as it makes him feel empowered. This is the only time he controls where he is going apart from when he is in his wheelchair. After clearing the racing of the Clearwater Mobility Cup, he expressed his views.

Penny said this is more like a therapy as he gets to clear his head and has an opportunity to get away from the monotonous life and have some fun. Penny along with sailors with distinct types of abilities would compete out of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron taking place in Halifax. It is a type of sailboat made exclusively for competitors with disabilities. There are some skippers such as Penny who are quadriplegics while others are the ones who have suffered strokes and the rest have either lost limbs or with many scleroses.

The moment these sailors are on the water and out to compete with all the setup, they are on field wherein the skill takes over. Penny feels that these sailors are like family as they come from in and around Canada for a week to take part in the competition. As far as Martin 16s is concerned, it has a 300 pound lead kneel for high stability and special machines which can be used by people with distinct needs which includes power motors for those who cannot steer. There are movable seats with cushions with straps for extra comfort.